Tim Burrell-Saward is a UK based artist, designer and technologist with over a decade of experience in combining tech with playful methods of interaction to make critically acclaimed games, artworks and theatre.
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He specialises in new product development for physical-digital hybrid projects that bridge leftfield functionality and commercial viability. Consumer electronics powered by abstract ideas.
Disciplines he frequently works within include: creative technology, industrial design, mechatronics, software development, user research, game design and live performance.
He has extensive experience at all scales of design and manufacture, including one-off prototypes, large scale public installations, mass-manufactured goods and published apps.

He was a founding member and lead designer at Sensible Object, a "connected play" games studio that made Beasts of Balance (the first tabletop game sold in Apple stores) and When in Rome (the first Alexa-enabled boardgame). Sensible Object was aquired by Niantic in 2019.
He's currently making Return to Dark Tower, a connected tabletop game that raised $4m on Kickstarter in 2019.

Past collaborations include Apple, Amazon, Wikipedia, Tate Britain, Punchdrunk, Activision, Royal Kensington Palace, Selfridges, The Science Museum London and The Barbican. 

In short: he make playful things that live in the spaces where hardware, software, electronics and mobile devices meet, and he knows how to make them at scale.

STATUS: open to talk about remote work.
A portfolio of recent works can be found here

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